Teira Naahi

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


She gently whispered sublime truths

With words that fast clung 

To the minds tap root

There are things that may

But you really should not

Fore you will tear the fabric

Of old forget me not

Darkness thrice folded

Darkness containing darkness

The sacred darkness

Long darkness

Wide darkness

Deep darkness

Darkness ancient

Darkness of dark

Darkness of light

Lightness thrice folded

Lightness containing lightness

The sacred lightness

Long lightness

Wide lightness

Deep lightness

Lightness ancient

Lightness of light

Lightness of dark

Without the darkness

The light cannot be

Without the lightness 

The dark cannot be

Between the light and dark

Life fluctuates

Between the dark and light

Death fluctuates

Light in extension creates time

Time creates space

Space creates potentiality

Potentiality creates growth

Growth creates life

Life creates the forward cycle

Forever forward is light in extension

We must end the great preoccupation:

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