Teira Naahi

Friday, September 8, 2017


Invitations were sent

The time was well spent

In a threesome of cigarettes

Smoked with intent

It was passed to the fore

Then hung at the door

A party there will be

For the mid summer queen

Said the one to the other

How I wish to attend

Taste the mead from those sweet lips

Feel alive once again

We could dance until dawn

Sing those songs once adored

Give verse in the grand halls

Our parents recalled

Turn once

Turn again

Let it repeat

Once the same

Alive ‘O be the song

Victory the gain

Let the fires in the north

Keep the good kinfolk warm

For he shall turn when we call

And come visit you all 

Thus the mid winter queen

Be she consoled from her grief

For her lord will there come

Unbound on his run

Sister unto sister

From the south to the north

We are one in the light

Which both we adore

Be long this thing

Which together we keep

But not a secret from the wise one

Yet a word not to speak

Unbind rebind

Even time has time

Let the youth spring eternal

Immortal divine:

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