Teira Naahi

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Come sail with me said captain nine

Over yonder to an island no one can find

We can hide in the dream of the mid autumn breeze 

Speak with the thistle the lion and green

And time shall not swallow us

Though the seed oft shall change

It is good manners in custom

That long shall remain

And it rained on that day

She wept her goodbye 

As i thumbed her a penny

From inside my mind

Time said the mushroom 

Is much too refined

Like talking to light bulbs

Pass it not through your mind

Think of something not there

Then bring it to here

But kiss her so gently

Mingle her tears

So the captain and i

Shaved nine quarts of port wine

Ate a mushroom or three

Then forgot to proceed

Until out on the lawn

With the woman of court

The good ship it did pass out

But remembered to snore:

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