Teira Naahi

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I sat for long upon the lawn

With Byron Keats and Shelly

Twirling words throughout the dawn

A nation was soon to be born

I watched them twist their minds in play

In outstanding games of shade

Where gold poured forth from pools of mud

And stones did dance and sway

A little to the right was a little to the left 

Backwards the forward came

Implication brought rain

Salutation the same

Threesome was late yet again

Rhyme rhyme the sands count time

Lord Nelson in quiet repose

Camel and sheep with snail did speak

While pork chops powdered her toes

That’s insane said the brain tied to a tree

Drunk on the whiskey of butterfly pee

If the willow won’t weep for the old river queen

How will we ever indeed find sleep

To sleep said the monster is a thing of the past

Bare foot and always alone

From an orgy of flesh

Find one who’ll confess 

That cow has truly left home

Excuse me said the flea drinking his tea

What on earth am i meant to believe

With no milk for the queen

Whatever will be

So it needs to have to come home

Rash trash you tit in mash

How could you mistake what he means

Fore all that it is worth

That star will not burst

His mountain is always at home

I sat for long upon the lawn

With thunder rain and heat

Drunk on a quart of poets thought

Still missing you much the same:

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