Teira Naahi

Saturday, July 22, 2017


The no-thing man came to dinner last night

Sat between himself and the vicars wife

He drank a pint of whiskey and danced a twisted tune

Kissed the bride of old John Young

Exposed the thought untrue

Then the all-thing girl turned to me in play

Reaching beneath for a word to say

Softly spoken fell the words from her lips

But the no-thing man he was much too quick

He kissed her there and then

She took his ring he took her babies

The party continued on

Until a drunken i arose in song

To the good health of true love

May your song never end

To no-thing and all-thing 

Forever destiny blends

So for love and for peace

For hope and for life

Forever go forward

Keep the family alive:

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