Teira Naahi

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Let us have an adventure

Said the mountain to the sea

The time has come it has been too long

Since last we dined on treats

I’ve heard a whisper from the passing winds

Perhaps a place for us to go

We could be ourselves i am sure you will see

It is the remembrance young and free

The little clock sat upon the rock

Counting snowflakes in a desert of green

As Ivy sang of the strange thing man

Who turns the world with the tip of his dream

And so it goes though slow it knows

To the party of birds and bees

To where the trees and the rivers reaching forward

Shall come and join us for comfort and ease

Then i to you shall pass a truth

Of a time not so far away

When the whispering wind

Shall quietly say

Much love was shared on this day:

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