Teira Naahi

Saturday, July 15, 2017


The calm sat just beneath the sea

Waiting in its waiting for a chance to be

Perhaps this day be that day indeed

Who knows but the dice what chance may bring

There is a child that waits on the street below

He carries the news weeping as he goes

Whilst behind concrete and steel young love has revealed

A parent’s disapproval of romantic ideals

How far be that star low hung on this night

How close be the sorrow of dawns early light

How far be how far till we know how far how far is

Will we know in the end when another begins 

I have thought many things and written much in truth

Publicly exposed my toy box of youth

And as i look through the days finding not much in waste

Perhaps it was not best to say much in haste

Who knows what who knows

Said the young thing assured

Not i said the i 

Slowly turning the wheel:

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