Teira Naahi

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Words to escape reality

Words to escape fantasy

Words i have heard

Words i have used

Words to begin journeys 

Words for the journeys end

Words given 

Words received

I was sitting here 

Thinking as i do

About some words 

I could leave for you

Perhaps a thought 

Or a tale round

Maybe a solemn truth

Or a verse profound

But the night grew long

And the moon moved on

As the traffic grew dim

Welcoming the silent song

Then through some misty haze 

I heard you all some how

Reading these words

One by two out aloud

Teira you will say

These words are quite strange

But your mind is the garden

Wherein we pass through this day

So I close now this book

Rest my pen and my head

Thank you my friends 

Are the words i left here:

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