Teira Naahi

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


The world is in dismay

Said the child not in play

Five million things have come

And my work is left undone

The folding time

The woven line

The rippled wave

The serpents cave

The child who wants 

The child who needs

The memory is served 

The wound is deep

So I spoke to this child

So wise in mind

How thinks thee to a friendship

With the broken and blind

Into a city of fate

No love no hate

No stop no go

No near no far

No high no low

Only the No-Thing with All-Thing

The night inside day

The day inside night

The world is in a good space

Said the child lost in play

Five million things have come 

And your work has now begun

Believe in the friendship

Believe in the day

Belief is the good thing

Your smile gives away

The light can never leave you

The force within is strong

Admire the love you’ve given

Your flame still burns there long

Big love strong love love deep

Long love wide love love high

These things are counted for you:

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