Teira Naahi

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


The sound did bound around the grounds

The youth had gathered lost and found

A fairy dance was script anew

Wise words were cast with beautiful tune

And the moon was full

As the night was long

Seditious the women 

Kept the movement strong

As the elders debated 

The fate of all races

The strange ones came forth

Divine from high places





No more did they say

Not a moment longer they’d stay

And as it was duly reported

I too left that place

In search of a thinker

Devoid of face

I will know her by her sound

I will know her by her grounds

Her dance is the dance of eternal truth

Her bosom sustains a nation’s proof 

Joy be to that star on high

Joy be that valley wide

Form the source she comes

To the source she goes

Leading the wise ones

Forward in hope:

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