Teira Naahi

Monday, July 3, 2017


It has been awhile indeed 

Since i sat here and wrote

Some lines of wisdom from the old poets notes

I thought it had faded and so come to pass

I had drained all the drink

From this trust worthy flask

Too much of this

Not enough of that

Impressionist movements

Taken now as fact

Time has no meaning 

Slipping rings from the sun

As the colors they fragment

Lead a minds eye undone

In a vortex of sound

I was naked 

Not a thing did i know

Not a thing did i want

But i could feel you all near

Fore your love brought me here

Into this tide pool of heaven

Affront the altar now given

98 million hearts 

One mind

Five roses

A rose for a rose 

Grows the unfolding world

With thorns for remembrance

The protection assured

And i for you did sit here this while

In attempt so bold

As to bring you to smile:

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