Teira Naahi

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Life in the village was as it had always been. Relaxed, uneventful and blissfully ignorant of the unfolding world breaching the unseen horizon. Had Tiu the slightest realization as to the significance of what he had just witnessed from his mountain perch he surely would have made quicker time in his descent as opposed to the half day scenic route he choose. It was not that he felt the moment as unimportant, rather, he wished time to prepare himself for the inevitable encounter with Huimaira, for he wished not to appear juvenile in his approach, fore well he knew the wise one afforded no quarter to fools. Twice already this week Tiu had rushed down to the village below to inform Huimaira of his vision, and twice had he dragged him down to the beach only to find the apparition had vanished. This time he felt sure that like before he would reach the sea shore only to find nothing there, and again uncle would be less than kind with his words and perhaps this time maybe even barring his entry into the great Waananga Oo Te Raa. No not this time he thought, I will return as if nothing happened and quietly ask uncle what this continual vision means.

Tiu was descending the foothills when his cousin Arawha came running up to him in a heightened state of happiness.

“Tiu! It is true.”

“What is true?”

“Those giant birds you saw, they have come back, only this time they have stayed and are swimming out in the bay right now!”

“Is this true? Have they really stayed?’

“Yes Tiu they have. Uncle sent me to fetch you and bring you to the beach. He has been wondering where you were. He thought you would have been back by mid morn, he says you must have seen them coming.”

“I did see them.”

“Then how come you are so slow?”

“I thought they would fly away again just like before, I don’t want uncle to think I am going crazy like Mataahui.”

“Oh never mind Tiu they have stayed now and are so beautiful but strange come lets go see.”

Huimaira was standing waste deep in the ocean waving his Raakau above his head and chanting to the strange birds. The entire village had lined up behind him at the waters edge complementing his words with actions and enthusiastic cries welcoming the strange appellations hoping to encourage them to come closer and stay. Tiu could barely contain his excitement stepping upon the beach.

“See Ara I am not going crazy! Look at them. They are most beautiful indeed.”

As he fell in line with the rest of the village he quietly gave thanks to his Tupuna for redeeming his sanity and ensuring his acceptance in to the great Waananga Oo Te Raa:

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