Teira Naahi

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Amid bracken and fern 

The young streamlet yearns

Searching the floor

Tracing contoured form

Between rocks of great age 

Out through a forest of youth

Into the desert of waste 

Onto a civilized place

Challenged and diverted 

The streamlet rolls on

Alike with the ancients

When the giants held song

So too shall the great sea

Be obtained in three ways

So too shall the streamlet 

Gather force on its way

And i whom sit watching 

The birth of this thing

Shall turn now to face you

Embrace you and sing

Waters of youth waters of age

Life giving waters cleansing waters healing waters

The waters leading to death

The waters carrying rebirth

The waters creating waters

The waters issuing forth

Waters from above

Waters from below

Waters from within 

Waters from within

Arise the great waters long waters deep waters slow waters

The waters fast the waters high the waters low

Clean waters pure waters ancient waters young waters

The waters seen the waters touched the waters felt

The waters from without

The waters from within 

The waters from within


We now have a knowledge of this place

Come forth in thine nakedness 

Give thanks and Bathe:

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