Teira Naahi

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


000. Before the silence

00. Intention

0. Silence

1. And it arose

2. Thus was witnessed the multitude

3. Upon the black sea cast lifeless

4. How far the wide

5. How far the long

6. Once held aloft tiny fragments of faith

7. Therein ignites the flame 

Upon the mountain high

8. And but a lonely God came to stand

9. And whence he left a river sprang

10. Now in doth the dry become moist

11. From the moist the growth

13. From the growth the demand

14. The demand gave way to the grasping

15. The grasping awoke death

16. Death awoke the ancient dark

17. Whom in turn bestirred the Elder heart

18. The Eld one came beheld the scene 

19. Multitude the innocent lifeless

20. Upon the black sea of faith cast

21. But still upon that mountain high

The flickering flame

22. Returned a lonely God stands:

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