Teira Naahi

Monday, June 12, 2017


‘Tis a lonely life this life of words

Anticipating the response to strokes of pen

So much weight so much pressure

The naked lines lain before me

‘Tis not an easy thing

To dress such a lustful creature 

Hungry for intent purpose and design

Alas the landscape strewn now with carcasses

Empty shells testament to her cravings

And i but a pen stroke away

Would want from inspiration

Befriend to me this darkness

Behold to me that star

There is much to lose in thought

And equally much to gain in movement

I herald the voice of madness

And lament the passage of reason

But still this pen with life of its own

Guides my insanity towards the sane

The best friend i ever had

We never spoke one word

Yet we understood each other perfectly

Even better than ourselves we knew

You come when i need you 

Although i never call

I arrive when you forget me

Needing someone to catch your fall:

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