Teira Naahi

Monday, June 5, 2017


Unto the west I now cast my mind

Towards the prophets words I bide my time

In acts and deeds fore the peoples needs

I serviced without complaint the beast of burden i be

I prayed day and night for the peoples ease

Whilst assisting the healing to set the inner gods free

And when the darkness came even unto my door

With her i strived forward to realize the dawn

Fore it was from her whence we came

And it be to her we shall return

Now in this time of night which seems eternal to be

Upon the eastern throne with no sunrise to see

With the blood lust swelling and death at the door

The storm dogs are raging straining for war

She is wailing through this fight

For her children to see

She is hurt deep inside from this chaos we seethe

Will the healing come

So unto the center place i fix now my mind

And determine for the children born of these times

That a light must be raised above the altar of faith

To set free the mortal minds now lost in this state:

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