Teira Naahi

Thursday, June 1, 2017


The word had now come the coin was all spent

With wisdom and vision they had lost all the rent

They had flown to the sun and swallowed the moon

They had lain there as infants in the crisp morning dew

They knew not how high 

They knew not how wide

They knew not the deep wherein they reside

Fore all was eternal each moment the now

Tomorrow be the mystery survivable somehow

So from his lips it came to her ears it went

Let love be the answer there is no issue to vent

And as he sat in repose she straightened her face

Quietly lent forward and removed from its case

The answer is simple she whispered and sighed

Lit her cigarette reclining then fixed on his eyes

I love you and i am sure you could feel quite the same

Then she led him outside to dance in the rain:

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