Teira Naahi

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Unto the mountain there i come now to sit

In blessed solitude with the eagle and chick

A gaze then cast upon the low and the wide

Then up to the heavens a voice now on high

My lord why dost thoust forsake them

Can thoust only grant them more pain

Give them a wall for remembrance

Then send them back there again

To my knees i there fell

Unto the eagle i wept

Then i got to my feet

And from this mountain i leapt

Now the winds sweet and warm

Filled my wings with despair

Freedom of the angels

I wished all could be here

And for a moment or two

Out there on the wild yonder blue

I came to this vision of universal truth

Where the eagle dares the angels fare well

But there are some places even they shall not go:

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