Teira Naahi

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


000. And i was alone

00. And there was No-Thing

0. Not even the scent

1. Lo now doth the heavens rent asunder

2. My mind burneth with radiant joy

3. Pleasure now cometh the pain fire

4. And i am freed

5. But a speck of something darker than the night of Hades

6. Deeper than the womb of No-Thing

7. And lo before my eyes it is set to growth

8. I am impulsed to run

9. But the voice soft as thunder

Dull as lightning

Frozen in its ice like beauty

10. Movement is not with i

11. And again i looked upon the No-Thing

12. Now is beheld the book

13. First black then red

14. Then yellow green and blue

15. And it is there upon the blue now writ

16. See how it is the roots take hold within the frozen lake

17. But it is the hearts warmth that giveth the flow

18. And again it is set to growth

19. At first its yearnings were small

20. But i as the gardener with my tears sustained

21. For long did it seem until at last there came

A river of sorrow towards the tree 

22. Nine teardrops formed nine lakes

23. Nine words gave nine songs

24. And therein burning strong upon the cover 

25. The seven fold star

26. This sayeth the angel presiding the vision

27. Yea and verily fore this is the life of the thing:

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