Teira Naahi

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


And there on high you have come now to pass

Your radiance bedazzled

Your impressions last

Upon that mountain of jade with the Buddha you spoke

In the land of the pyramids with the Pharaoh you strode

With the jungles so wild upon a desert of pain

From the land of high places 

You gathered your name

Unto the lady of lake and the children of rain

From the city of steel to where the cave dwellers came

It is you yeah and verily it is you

To the wolf now we go no hand for his jaws

But with a chorus of angels whose voices adore

And a cloak of remembrance 

From our grandfather's floor

With the words of forgiveness 

From your grandmother's door

It is you yeah and verily it is you

Silver moon still you come

Ever long since i stepped forward

Even longer since the strangelings

Longer even than the sun

It is you yeah and verily it is you:

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