Teira Naahi

Saturday, May 20, 2017


There are words freely given and taken away

Woven within some great cosmic play

There are signs there are signals

There are movements and more

There is great subtlety shown yet largely ignored

It is with a lingering look and a hesitant sigh

Whom will go first not let it be i

I have spoken with my fingers

I have heard with my eyes

My mouth and my ears did i duly retire

We sat in tomorrow yesterday was today

With no thought for deliverance we lied about our age

And a photo of him for a photo of her

Imagine how many times had they been married

Never the other to know

Today i bought a pair of shoes 

Just so i could protest and throw them away

At that exact same point came visiting yesterday to say

They have now seen the future the sky was afire

No this had not happened was calmly replied

Tomorrow be fine we say so today

Bring the past now present let them talk as they may

For these words are such good things and now be the day

These words freely given can be taken away:

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