Teira Naahi

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I was thinking as you do upon a great universal truth

A friend named Bob once had said

When he had not much a do

He was speaking of intelligence or something of that kind

I like that very much said i and left him some reply

A nail you've hit upon the head

Such a pearl of wisdom there

I mean an alien who didn't eat steak 

But who'd still love to down a beer

So i am sitting here thinking as most are wont to do

In our global little villages when boredom comes the true

We can see a Chinese wonderland and Waltz Australia long

Or be dazzled by the beauty of an Italian Goddess song

And when at last back to our rooms all finished we retire

We shall thank the MSN soap box

For all that we enquired: 

"The Aliens just like the Stars are People all on the Ground:"

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