Teira Naahi

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


000. Oh but there is the something

00. That

0. That without shape without form

1. There was a darkness surround

2. Yea and even the darkness was surrounded by a darkness

3. And there within the center thrice folded it was

4. At first the sound was faint

5. Aye it never even knew the sound

6. Ripples cross the surface of ice

7. First wide then narrow

8. Regularly irregular

9. Now the waves rise and fall as cross the ice they go

10. Closer now the lapping sound

11. The rising and the falling

12. Swelling and subduing

13. Deep within it stirred

14. First long then short

15. There within that darkened sea it was

16. But still it was not aware

17. With the upwards came downwards

18. With the forward came backwards

19. Movement contrary

20. Sensation unknowably unknown

21. The unknown becomes knowable

22. Aye it was the movement that brought awareness

23. It knew not the rise it knew not the fall

24. Of the pushing and pulling it knew even less

25. But still a sensation growing ceaseless unending

26. Lo then was heard the sound deafening crashing

27. A song of movement

28. The song of stillness

29. And then it began to listen

30. At first it knew not the noise nor the silence

31. But the noise caused pain

32. And the silence caused No-Thing

33. The silence it called on

34. The noise it called off

35. The wide it called long

36. The narrow it called short

37. Now had it the knowledge of these four things

38. But still it knew not what it was:

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