Teira Naahi

Sunday, May 14, 2017


There once was a man who asked of my time

To help with a vision he had so in mind

I could tell you his name but that would simply not do

For he still lives on this earth boiling like stew

He once called me names of good fortune and luck

So at once set to task i cleared him of muck

But when the time came as to many it must

To choose right from wrong or to wallow in lust

Apparently i chose wrong for from grace i quick fell

How hard into the darkness i simply could not tell

There was no right there was no wrong

Only lust for a cause reminiscent of a song

So from your good ears to his foul lips

In this prison with no bars here now i sit

And i will drink a toast for freedom
And i will sing of that day

My death came and went

As an unobserved play:

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