Teira Naahi

Saturday, May 13, 2017


For long and hard had i been thinking

For wide and deep had i been thinking

It was not until totally exhausted i fell

It was not until totally exhausted you caught me

How had such a thing been allowed to pass

When all such things are watched by watchers

Whom was keeping the gate that day

For whom were you making cups of tea

My death came and went an unobserved event

My face is disfigured but still this cannot be

I see i see said the woman running away

This cannot be this cannot be this simply cannot be

But why said the child to his mother this day

Why is it such that our father is away

He has left with the sun he even walked not run

Why is it such that you could not catch him that day

I cannot say i cannot say my son i cannot say

There is not one there is not one 

There is simply not one who can say

But still my death came and went in an unobserved play:

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