Teira Naahi

Friday, May 12, 2017


And there upon the threshold of life and death

Face down and breathing in deep

Oh Mother of the Keep embrace me now

Down raineth the fury of metal and boot

Down raineth the chants of death

But son quick open up your eyes 

See me now

My son it is not time

No not yet be your time

Harken unto me now who is that man up there

Harken unto me now who be he that rides up there

Paikea i te Rangi be his name O Mother 


Very well then my son enough is enough

Arise now o Paikea i te Rangi

E te Mana oo Hauiti oo te Rangi

E te Aroha me te Awhi oo Rongomaiwahine

Te hoa tokowhitu oo Kahungunu

Aye my son see how it is that you are not alone

Now it is time you must arise 


Fight my son for Utu

Fight my son for those in the middle

Fight my son for your Rangatira

Fight for Awhi oo Ngaa Atua

Fight for Awhi oo Ngaa Tupuna

Fight for Awhi oo Ngaa Whenua

Aye my son many are my children lost 

And many more are to follow

Arise my beast of burden

Arise my fury of Rarohenga

Arise my Taniwha oo Te Tuhi

Arise my Aroha mo Te Tangata Whenua

This must end now my son my beloved my chosen

This must now end

Kia Tina Tina Hui E Taiki eeei:

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