Teira Naahi

Sunday, May 7, 2017


The last resting place of my sanity is there

In that room cold lonely and damp

Surrounded by a century of someone else's ghosts

Delusion above illusion below confusion within

Who is shaping who in what image

She said never answer a question with a question

Why said i

Because the group replied

So again i asked why

That’s how it is done she snapped

For the third and final time i asked why

Because cried the group

So again to that room cold lonely and damp

I bleed and asked Io Te Waananga whom replied

There is a difference between belief and faith

Belief can be adjusted true faith cannot

Faith is self acquired 

Beliefs are lessons taught

The original thought it's self to be and it became

The originating thought was a question

So why should one stop questioning beliefs

There is none there is no reason to be found

This is truth replied the i

And i never questioned again:

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