Teira Naahi

Thursday, March 30, 2017

No One Could Dream - 21

Fore it is something which only we can do for ourselves

The need fire passed down through ancestral inheritance

Supports a community to growth

Now beeth the warriors call

Their strength

Their breath

Their will

No longer slaves to an unknown past

No longer slaves to the past masquerading as future solid

No longer slaves to the slaves 

Announcing themselves as leaders’ lords and kings

Freedom is but a state of the mind for each must willingly

Submit to Dogma et Ritual so as to obtain the true individual liberty

Unity can only be achieved when all have individual liberty

Only then can the four post upon which All-Thing is hung be seen

And the self-recognized as the centre point of truth

Tighten thine belt of time to thy waist 

Let hold fast be the name invoked

Love Light Compassion and Wisdom beeth the finger rings named

Blessed upon the altar of faith the virgin stone of birth

All-Thing be Sacred:

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