Teira Naahi

Sunday, March 19, 2017

No One Could Dream - 11

Stolen window frames leave blank walls

Upon a man of sin nations are born

Hallowed halls empty with tourists

Creative imagination and the fine line of madness

Return the wine to holy water

Leave the fish where happy they be

That mountain is the people and that land to the sea

About that time in the future

About that toast and the tree

About the moon and the star

About that place in between

Passion and lust dark territory be

Stolen blank walls leave empty spaces

Within a city of sin true love complacent

Sacred forest empty of people

Imagination investigated personality multi

I give to you

You steal from me

In fact rather a little too easily


Please wait watch for effect

No one is thinking go ahead complete

We were all young once then we got old

It is indeed your turn

Your turn indeed

Pain is electricity electricity is pain

Divide the unity

Unify the divide

Centre intention

Intention centralize

The times have changed

The change is now time

Chaos causes No-Thing

In No-Thing chaos hides

Love needs compassion

Compassion needs love

Facts need proving

As the proven needs facts

Between wanting and needing

The need courts the want

Between sharing and caring

Care may not share

Right the wrong

Don't wrong the right

Fight the fight

But don't fight the fight

Walk the talk

Talk the walk

Truth is not lie

Lie is not truth:

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