Teira Naahi

Thursday, March 16, 2017

No One Could Dream - 10

I know you think i don't care

I feel your anger and confusion

Your mind is steeled and this i respect

Yet i know your heart is not cold

What can i say if you won't listen

We were divided from outside

And shamefully i allowed it to happen

You needed me and i failed to be there

So yes i do deserve your silence and distrust

I have no children neither then nor now

Yet i called you daughter though mine you were not

I tried my best to provide and wanted so much good for you

But i must have failed for alone am i as proof

I think of you each day and weep

I pray the gods your soul to keep

You are a woman now this much i see

Beautiful strong and healthy

You do not see me

You do not hear me

You cannot feel me

But i am here and always will be

I left to protect you or so i thought at the time

I had become so broken and dysfunctional of mind

I called for you but you never came

Which was for the best as i being totally insane

I tried to heal me i really did

Punishing myself i so could not fix

I had to die to know the truth

And when i found it there

There was only you

So i walked barefoot unto my grave

But god was waiting and told me to stay

And now i have stayed perhaps to long

Yet long enough to see you grow strong

An empire i have built for you

Carefully constructed upon solemn truths

I love you so much

You made me human

You gave me tomorrow

You showed me God

You may never know what you did for me

But the world shall know what i do for you

So be strong in your words your thoughts and deeds

Remember the good times when we all used to sing

Remember what i told you

If you are of this earth then they will love you:

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