Teira Naahi

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

No One Could Dream - 09

I don't care what you think

Your power never had a hold

If it did i should have died the first time

And the second

Third and fourth

There are no angels

There are no demons

No heaven

No hell

Only this world beneath my bare feet

Nothing can be real when you play cat in the box

So i stand on my own two feet

Not upon the back of my Ancestors

Not on the future of my Grandchildren

Not within the sanctuary of family

To those who don't understand

Don't Speak

To those who understand

Speak clear and long

You tried to create a monster

Instead you murdered innocence

You came with genocide

But killed yourself in the process

I shall not die is what the prophet said

But still you laughed and pissed on his babies

Sacred orders

Sacred sacred

Leave if you are all powerful

No maana gained in self betrayal

You said i gave so much good to the world

Then stood by and cheered on the violence

I am here to remind you of this fact

You publicly crucified me

Now i publicly face you

Sad tale

Sad song

But I Shall Not DIE:


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