Teira Naahi

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Finding Teri - Book One - Ripples - Audio Book

Audio Book Reading by Teira Naahi. 

'In the beginning they say a Taniwha fell from the heavens and burrowed into the heart of an ancient mountain. A young Maaori warrior chief beheld a vision and sent his people into the mountain after the Taniwha. Returning from the mountain with a secret that would forever change the world they knew, the young chief initiated a plan that would span over 500 years in an effort to keep his people forever connected to their ancestral lands and avert a disaster that could see the balance of world power rest forever in the hands of Dark Lords. This then is the story of the Manarak and Pinkerstone families as they unravel the mystery of who they truly are and their place within Maaori.'

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