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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Iho Part 8

Part 8

And i did not stop

Te Anahera Kauhau Anganui

And i did not stop

Te Anahera Tinihanga

And i did not stop

Te Anahera Nanakia

And i did not stop

Until it was i came here

… … …

Chasm deep

Chasm wide

Deep chasm

Dark chasm

Chasm cold

Ancient chasm

… … …

It was to there i now go

My journeys end

A sorrow sung

To the long night

The everlasting night

The night ending in death

… … …

Hail unto thee my sister

For at long last it has come

Nine black stones

And pure love of heart

Return thus now

Into the cold world above

Once more arise living

Turn your face to the sun

… … …

Let the spring time now give

Carry it up

Restrict it not

For below i shall remain

Keep the spirit aware

Asking thus naught

No hatred

No fear

… … …

Oh my dear brother

What wrath have they done

Is it such that the world

Again sacrifices their sons

It be true that the chaos

Devours not one such as you

Yet here you be before me

Cruel the eternal night

Has brought me such proof

… … …

Nine black stones

Here now lay at my feet

Upon the edge of Te Kore

Wherefore now we must speak

I shall take them in hand

Transform them to white

Return to the spirit living

Bathe them in warmth and in light

And a child therein

Shall be born of their needs

Entering back into the world

Eternity’s spring

… … …

Hail the shinning one departed

His works and his deeds

… … …

Brother unto mother

I charge thee to keep

The living spirit of man

Keep it safe from her reach

And when in times time

The white again turns to black

It is unto you my dear brother

I shall return to this patch

Nine black stones

Shall i give unto thee

As nine white angels

Return you in peace

Kia Tina Tina Hui e Taiki Eiii!: 

-The End-

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