Teira Naahi

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Iho Part 7

Part 7

And so it was i came unto this gate

The city of three walls

Wherein none can escape

To face three sisters

Whom i loved once before

Again raised my voice

And gave the dark call

… … …

Tu Anahera Tiiweka

Tu Anahera Parohea

Tu Anahera Kai Horohoro

Te Poo Kerekere

Te Poo Kakarauri

Te Poo Uriuri

Haere mai

Haere mai

Haere mai

… … …

And for the first time

I sat down

And i did not move

And i did not think

Not a sound did i make

But i waited so long

Then longer still

Until they eventually came forth

The darkness within

… … …

My three lovers

Whom first brought me here

Now stand before me

Beautiful in all their nakedness

Wrathful in their faces

Vengeful in their eyes

Hateful in their words

… … …

Well well well

If it is not the thrice escaped

How is it you choose to stop here

Perhaps you have come to an understanding

Yea between the sisters three you shall stay

We thinks you do not wish to further your way

So come now shinning one

Enter herein and lay

… … …

Enter herein our lover

And fulfill now your lust

Enter herein our lover

And be as sloth

Enter herein our lover

And take now your fill

Enter herein our lover

Fore all things be yours

… … …

Forget thee well

The name of this journey

For the pleasures of flesh

Are but a sweet kiss away

And the desire that you feel

For one so ungrateful

Think not to follow it

Lay you here in eternity

Happy be with us

… …. …

And i did not speak

And i did hold no thought

Hesitation was not with me

And the movement was free

Thus i passed from that place

With not a tear in my eye

Yet a thirst fore my lips

I forbade them one kiss:

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