Teira Naahi

Monday, July 18, 2016

Iho Part 6

Part 6

There be not a word 

Not even a sound 

No sight no smell 

No feelings profound 

… … .. 

I cannot rest 

Though my feet do bleed 

The weight it grows heavy 

These stones my ill-ease 

… … … 

I recall you not 

Nor why i was here 

To venture this forward 

I began not to care 

And thus it had come 

To well deep within 

A violent emotion 

Directed at him

… … … 

It was in the way that he took you 

When i needed you most 

A humanizing moment 

My heart they did roast 

And as they feasted my mind 

Whilst clawing my flesh 

Unto this city of the dammed 

They make me attest 

… … … 

E Poohatu O Te Poo Tiwhatiwha 

I shall not forget 

Their violence unbounded 

Engraved upon my chest 

And now i pause 

But a moment in rest 

… … … 

They were violent against god 

Against property and self 

Against the innocent things 

They exploited for wealth 

And though family we be

Anahera Taikaha 

I have been here before 

When once i was living 

… … … 

Indeed my dear brother 

I recall it clear to the mind 

But as it was back then 

You shall not bide my time 

So carry on little one 

For she waits down below 

And make sure that you mention me 

When you surrender those stones 

… … … 

For i do wish thee well 

And i wish thee great speed 

Fore the light holds no fondness 

But your death sets us free:

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