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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Iho Part 5

Part 5

Draw up to this path

Rise up to these feet

Te Poohatu O Te Poo Tamaku

Draw nigh

Hold fast

Bind firm

… … …

Behind the faithless grieve their separation 

From gods unknown

Guiltless dammed

Punished by living

Their deficient forms of heaven

… … …

Affront to me Anahera Apoapo

Attest to me this vision

This endless grasping scene

Hold not a word

Cast not a lie

Think not to let this be the black fish

Holding the deep

... ... ...

Ripples now upon the sea

… … …

One hand holds what the other lets go

Shadows replace the dream

Obscene outshines

Inside outside

Grasp away

Haul away

Draw yourself unto yourself

Hoard and squander

Your cycle assured

The material is good

The material is good

… … …

Shinning one surrender now your feet unto this gate

Herein you could be as a god

The riches you could gain

The people will all serve you

Even as shall i

The power and the fame

All this could be your name

For the price of a stone

This is all that i ask

In return for all the riches

You could hold within your grasp

It is only but a small thing

I am sure when this is done

Not even much to sacrifice

No harm

No foul

Much fun

… … ...

Abandon ye all hope

From whence forth you have come

For it is i who love thee dearly

The unborn dead soul son

Dare not to think of victory

For in no wise can you succeed

Venture not past this way

Least it is for the cold sleep you speak

… … …


Not a word more shall you be

Not a hair from my head

Would i give to your speech

And if it was mine

To give freely away

I should not forsake the poverty

Caused from your gain:

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