Teira Naahi

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Iho Part 4

Part 4

Anahera Ponokore

Arise now and speak

Te Poohatu O Te Poo Aoaonui

Have i here in my keep

What place be this here

Whose words mark my time

Care not for ones comfort

Least well how i bind

… … …

A knowledge i seek

Of the dark path beneath

Roots of the world tree

I hunger to eat

Stand now my dear brother

Let your words draw the way

Such wisdom and guidance

Shall not go astray

… … …

Why should i speak

Fore one such as you

A faithless whore

Poor baby blue

Born from the lust

But a cheap cork of wines

Rebirthed abomination

God’s comedic design

… … …

Did you think

You were chosen

Perhaps special indeed

You are a soulless sinner

With no purpose to be

Forget now your past

Let your future thus be

As dark as your heart

Now shown to me

… … …


Hand over Ngaa Poohatu

Bide your time now with me

Let the faithless adore you

Be the light that they see

Together we are strong

And in dark deeds prevail

Curse now your parents

Whom denied you the veil

Fore this path that you seek

In death it is steeped

And i whom adore you

Wish you stay here and sleep

… … …

Dear brother i have heard

Through this madness of mind

These words that you speak

Can not be denied

Yet i give to you not

What by right be hers

If death steeps the way

Let it not be obscured

… … …

I thank thee most kindly

For your offer to rest

And not a word you have you spoken

Shall i stand to contest

But the way for me now

Tarries not here with thee

So good health and long wisdom

Depart now be free

… … …

Long road 

Wide road 

Road deep

Dark night 

Long night 

Night deep

Ancient words

Ancient syne

Intent ancient:

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