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Friday, July 15, 2016

Iho Part 3

Part 3

Thus come the time

For all things to pass

Remembrance of a whisper

A vision of task

This journey was such

That it endeth not here

The long descent waiting

One now must not fear

… … …

A song sang i

To the morning star seen

And i gave her my name

Within her bosom to keep

Fore long may i be lost

Ever on my way

Her whispering winds

Shall gather the strayed

… … …

In the time of Te Pou

Three stars above the house

I entered through the eastern door

Not quiet as a mouse

I called out the name

Of the one from before

Then stood between four altars

Let my blood wet the floor

… … …

My brother arose

Angry twisted with wrath

Yet he wept when he saw me

Paused in his thought

You can not be here

I shall not let you pass

The living breath is within

Why make you this path

… … …

Once before

Another came

To this very spot

She wept in her shame

You denied her not

You let her go past

What words did she speak

To soften your stance

… … …

Fore her cloak i am sure

Hangs there upon your wall

And the song that she kept

I have heard sung before

All wise i entreat thee

Now let me do pass

Fore your father has spoken

The truth of his heart

… … …

Down there be my brothers

My sister and her

With a song of the passing

Now lost and unheard

Fore Te Kore it comes

And spares not a thing

Even you my dear brother

Shall become as No-Thing

… … …

So to the temple adored

I surrender my shoes

My cloak and my staff

Lantern and wings

Nine black stones

Collected in faith

To aid in descent

To gift in exchange

… … …

By way of Tahekeroa

To Muriwaihou descend

In Rarohenga with Hine

I go now to end

Fare thee well my dear brother

Remember well how we speak

This passage now opened

Return thus thee to sleep:

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