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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Iho Part 2

Part 2

Daughter of troubled sleep

Visiting the father

In riddles now speak

Sing us a song

So clear and sweet

Fore your father has need to show

This child of mine 

Knows his mother not

And i

I have nothing to grow

… … …

So to speech dear maiden

A song for our ears

For this night herein

Grows feeble and weak

… … …

My lord spoke she

The virgin queen

Your son has much to know

But beyond this night

Yourself cannot pass

For the dawn over there doth grow

So a song i shall sing

For the underworld queen

To his sister he should go

I shall give him your wings

And blind his sight

Attach the thread of descent

Through his nose

… … …

Te Raa

The light

Te i Raa

Light unmovable


Now know what you are

Our father has sought

With knowledge to show

Come forth

Shine as the star

… … …

Down from this mountain top

Far reaching the plains

The young one takes flight

Though blinded by name

Straight as the arrow

Towards a pre-destined call

He arrives as the new born

Cast now to your door

… … …

The house of four corridors

Stands alone in its name

Her secret she holds

Fore eternity’s gain

And the eye of the ancient

Within his well of wyrd

Hath opened to witness

The whispers now heard

… … …

An angle had come

To the north eastern door

The keepers confused

Fell down to the floor

Fore not since the time

When the daughter did stand

Had the wise ones ever witnessed

The living breath of man

… … …

And i but a babe was raised therein

Until my age was that of the warrior kin

Fore then did i stand and ask of the door

To my sister i must go

How sayeth the four:

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