Teira Naahi

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Iho Part 1

Part 1

Awoken was i 

Once from a dream 

Into a strange world 

Before never seen 

There was no shape 

No form nor sound 

Subjectively objective 

Not even the i was found 

… … … 

I searched for friend 

Even foe or kin 

But none was found 

To be there or herein 

So upon a rock 

Or a lake i suppose 

I quietly sat still 

And wept of my woe 

… … … 

Now eternity turned 

Fore how long i don’t know 

As my tears turned against me 

Falling they froze 

Still i wept in my horror 

Though your name I knew not

Babbling as a baby 

Now the warrior forgot 

… … … 

Teira spoke the voice 

How come you be here 

I left you a great warrior 

Not a thing did you fear 

We had stood upon that mountain 

And with the angles gave verse

Fore me you did bleed 

Giving much worth 

So rise up my dear lover 

For once more i am here 

And a guide i shall send you 

To bring you both near 

… … … 

Awoken was i 

Once more from a dream 

To witness my father 

Long since deceased 

A hand he did offer 

To which i embraced 

And for the first time ever 

I gazed upon his face 

… … … 

He told me how you sent him 

To give me belief 

To guide me through this darkness 

Until her i do see 

So i rose to my feet 

And together we strode 

Forward into the darkness 

Towards fate unknown 

… … … 

Across the lake of ice 

Father and son 

Depart from this place 

Towards the glimmer they run 

And in that place they now reach 

Therein groweth peace

Postmortem intent

Both now do rent:

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