Teira Naahi

Saturday, May 7, 2016


They gathered around

The sound downtown

The downtown sound

Did bound around

The primrose garden

The cobblers pot

The high on dreams

It may never stop

In nooks and crannies 

Upon a pavements truth

In a rich mans heart

Searching for proof

It never fades nor drifts away

Held taught by deeds 

With hands in sway

It may never stop

I came that day to find my lay

Paled white and wide awake

Alive with sound

Alive with thoughts

Alive with sentences

Complete with fraught

In laymen talk

It may never stop

She said to me 

Just be 

Just be

Let the sound around

Set you free

There are stars that shine

So bright in days light

It may never stop

It may never stop

Indeed least it starts

A sound with words 

Setting worlds apart

Yet apart worlds be

Words tied to sound

From your eyes now seen

It may never stop

From the crowns glory

To this far flung door

From the mountains outlook

To the crimes on this shore

What is never abandoned

My child heed not haste

Let the swinging vine swing

It may never stop

Hold fast to the fixed

For it is steady and sure

Let the winds of your ancestor

Know the truth of what's pure

Fore in days yet to come

When children battle the sun

The silent attention

It may never stop

They gathered downtown

Around the sound

Around downtown

The sound did bound

From pillar to post

Great wisdom lost hope

The power of illusion

It may never stop:

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