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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


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Book 3

Awakening Taniwha


1. 2050 and we enter into the Australian Outback at a private military facility where a cocktail party is underway. A U.N general is approached and informed of a development requiring his attention. The general promptly leaves the party and is ambushed as he is getting into his car. Being forced into the car the general is very surprised to see a familiar woman sitting there and he suddenly realises his time has come. After a brief conversation the general is killed by the assassin and the evidence is blown up.

2. Still in Australia we find the female assassin making a mysterious phone call back to New Zealand confirming the general’s death and demanding to be allowed to return home to NZ. After negotiating her terms we learn her name is HineTurangi and we follow her as she boards a plane heading for home.

3. Back in New Zealand 2050 the temple inside the mountain has become exposed and we find Teri Alamien making preparations for the emergency evacuation of its occupants. We learn that the Patu River originates from this structure and used to leave the mountain side via a waterfall known as the Eye of Oi. While Teri is surveying the damaged wall one last time a U.N army helicopter enters the temple and is preparing to land causing Teri and the last remaining survivors flee the scene.

4. Just as Teri and her companions are about to leave the temple Teri pauses in front of an ancient carving depicting a young Aniwaniwa and his flying waka. This reminds Teri that this temple has stood for 20,000 years as a home for the gods and now she is high priestess she will not abandon her post. She orders her people to leave this place and to send the humanoid R7 to her. With R7 by her side Teri begins and ancient chant while standing affront the carving of Aniwaniwa. This creates an energy force field surrounding herself and R7 which also blocks the U.N troops from getting past her and apprehending the escaping people.

5. Back at the gang house Tama is being woken up and is told he has barefoot visitors from the temple. Here we meet young Aalia whom informs Tama he must return with her back to the chateau and meet up with a band of special temple warriors whom are waiting there for him. From there they need to get to the temple and save Teri from the U.N soldiers.

6. The old man Hine had phoned from Australia is enquiring as to where she is and the person whose job it was to follow her gives news she is in the country but was picked up by a lone bike rider so her current whereabouts is unknown. This information about Hine is also somehow important to Nemoy Pinkerston. We catch up with Hine at a familiar pub just outside of her home town where she is to wait for her reinforcements to show up. Through flashback we learn that the last time Hine was in this pub was the night of her graduation from the U.N military academy and it was a going away party before she left to join the Q.R.F in Hiva as personal security for the executive branch. It is also revealed that Hau Manu was once her best friend and was also present with her that night.

7. Still at the pub Hine and her companion are enjoying some food and coffee when a strange man approaches them. He has come to inform the companion of Hine that his bike has been hit in the carpark and is now on its side. Although hitting a gangster’s motorbike usually results in total drama Hine and her friend keep things cool and as no real damage was done to the bike and after taking the business card from the stranger Hine returns back inside. Eventually her companion returns with the reinforcements and we learn that they are all from the same bike gang founded by Tama and they all love their niece Hine very much.

8. Hine and her companions finally reach their destination which is a very upmarket town house. Hine is known to this house as she grew up here and now memories of the past are flooding back. We learn the old man she rang from Australia lives here and is her grandfather. One of her flashbacks is of the last time she was here prior to leaving for the Q.R.F when her grandfather was trying to tell her something about his mother Kayla Turangi but before the vision is complete she is interrupted with an emotional meeting with her grandfather.

9. While Hine is with her grandfather the bikers are drinking and having a conversation about the house. One of the bikers remembers the house as the place where Alistar Pinkerston killed the two angel six members. When Hine returns to the conversation we learn that Angel Manarak was a drug dealer and had sold some bad drugs which caused several suicides with one of the victims being the boyfriend to Kayla Turangi whom was pregnant at the time. We learn that Kayla had approached Alistar about the bad drugs and asked him to seek revenge for her and her unborn child. This is why Hine hates the Manarak family so much and then informs everyone that she has to do one more job to do before she can be free from the corporation.

10. At the foot of the mountain Tama and Aalia have arrived at the ancient marae site and are preparing to ascend to the chateau. Through flashback we learn that it was Teri Manarak who brought Tama back to life in exchange for a future service he must provide for the temple. It is revealed that the service was to redeem the Pinkerston family name and atone for his evil deeds. Now at the age of 109 Tama knew this was his last day on earth and gave one final order to his MC to attack the U.N guards situated at the foot of Te Kura Hau Mountain while himself and Aalia head to the chateau.

11. Back inside the temple we meet U.N General Miles Rodgers and Corporation Special forces Commander Harry Walters whom was the one whom meet Hine in the pub. Through conversation we learn that the Manarak mainframe which was just destroyed was not the original Manarak computer and that the humanoid droid called R7 is vital to the mission at hand being that it can lead to the discovery of the computer. We also learn that Hine is on her way to negotiate a surrender with Teri Alamien but should they fail to acquire R7 then a death con one missile has been prepped and is counting down to fire upon the temple and destroy any traces of it.

12. Tama and Aalia have arrived at the chateau and have joined the Temple warriors. Through flash back Tama recalls his son in law Kai Rakau and how it was he restored democracy to the country. The chateau has a secret tunnel which led to the Manarak Bio Hub facility and continues on to the Temple inside Te Kura Hau. 

13. At the foot of Te Kura Hau chaos has broken out between the soldiers and civilians. We meet Taania Edwards and her news crew reporting on the situation. Getting caught up in the chaos the news crew decided it is time to leave but Taania wants a real story and decides that they need to ascend the mountain and get footage of the temple inside.

14. Back inside the temple General Rogers and Captain Walters approach Teri Alamien trying to get her to surrender but the conversation does not go to plan when Teri asks General Miles if he knew what was in the safety deposit box that herself and her brother had long ago sought to retrieve. Unable to give an answer Teri abruptly dismisses the General ending all hope of a peaceful resolution.

15. Angry with the way he was dismissed the general meets up with Hine and just before he can make any further plans a report comes in that R7 is receiving a transmission which seems to be coming from the Manarak Bio Hub. Captain Walters is despatched with a team to the Bio Hub with orders to exterminate all forms of life found therein.

16. Taania and her film crew have ascended the mountain and are taking shelter in a cave just below what was left of the Eye of Oi. The group have been joined by a local member of the MC and we learn he has a history with Taania. The pair meet back in 2020 when a young Taania was doing a story on Kai Rakau and the MC whom had gifted a life like statue of the hero to the city.

17. Harry and his team have arrived at the Bio Hub and it sickens harry to see the destruction. It suddenly dawns on Harry that although his family has been in business with the Manarak family for over 100 years he still knows virtually nothing about the true nature of the family connections. Eventually the soldiers reach the Bio Pond and are surprised to find Tama sitting there waiting for them and it becomes apparent that Harry and Tama know each other quite well.

18. Still at the Bio Pond Harry meet Aalia who tells him that he is their hero and was sent to help them. Of course Harry and his men have orders to exterminate but through a heated discussion Harry is finally convinced by Tama the correct thing to do is go and rescue Teri from the temple.

19. It is just after sunset when Taania and her crew finally enter the temple and while they are hiding in the shadows they notice something strange happening below. A red mist is descending the mountain and engulfs the valley floor below but it is also enveloping the temple and suddenly everyone is caught within the mist. Through the mist Aniwaniwa is seen conducting events unfolding and he suddenly becomes aware of Taania and her crew. Aniwaniwa transforms into a giant eagle and flies directly over the heads of the crew but leaves them unharmed.

20. As soon as the mist has cleared it is reported to the General that Teri and R7 have vanished but before the general can attend to the situation he must confront the helicopter which has just returned from the Bio Hub. A confrontation between Captain Walters and the General ends up with Walters standing the General down from command and placing himself in charge. Hine who realizes her own precarious position commits an act of loyalty towards Harry by executing the General. Aalia is then dispatched by Tama to find Teri and bring her back.

21. As the group are heading back inside the temple two of the Temple guards detach from the group and head for a mysterious cavern. The film crew decide to follow the two guards and are shocked to see what happens when they remove the lid from an ancient crypt. Exiting from the crypt are human figures and during the time the film crew had been watching events they had become exposed to the party now exiting the crypt.

22. Inside the lair of the Taniwha the Manarak and Pinkerston families are coming face to face. Hine is very antagonistic toward Teri Alamien but Tama pulls her into line and keeps her focused on the job at hand. Eventually the group from the crypt enter the scene with the camera crew in tow. We find the group are none other than Teri and Alfred Manarak accompanied by everyone else that had gone into the tunnels when the Bio Hub exploded. Even though they had been gone only a matter of days we learn that time acts different inside the mountain and that they believed they had been gone for three years. This is evidenced by the fact that Hau Manu and Captain Stratton had a child whilst inside the mountain. Now we have a family reunion which brings Tama a great sense of peace and he accepts his sacrificial fate and is killed by Aniwaniwa inside the Taniwha pool. Suddenly Hine kills Walters and takes Aalia hostage.

23. During a violent exchange of words Hine reveals she only wants R7 and then she will leave peacefully but when she sees what see is after at the other end of the room she kills Teri Alamien taking possession of R7. The film crew are the first to try leave the lair but find they are trapped and before anything can be done about it the Monster Taniwha rises from the depths entering the lair and starts eating everybody. Eventually Aniwaniwa gets the door open and the survivors manage to escape to the helicopter and leave the mountain but both Hine and R7 are still trapped inside.

24. With the group now back safe on the ground Taania is filming a report for the news but she is interrupted as the Death Con One missile slams into the mountain. During the spectacular explosion the Taniwha is seen rising high above the mountain and seems to now be heading for the group.


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