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Sunday, October 11, 2015


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Book 2 

Forever Forward


1. We enter into the deep past at a time when the land was still young. A flying Taniwha has fallen from the sky and is witnessed by a young warrior chief named Aniwaniwa. Aniwaniwa has had a vision about this event and sends a small band of warriors to investigate the crash landing of the monster. When they get to the crash site they see the monster has burrowed into the side of the mountain creating the cave known as Kai Whero deep within the mountains heart. Unable to find the monster the band of warriors return to their village with nine black stones which seemed to be humming. While they had been gone Aniwaniwa ordered the construction of a strange double hulled waka but keeps it on dry land while insisting it be stocked with provisions for a journey and that it be ready for immediate departure. This had the effect of making the young chief look quite crazy but when his warriors return with the humming stones he immediately gathers a select group of people on board the waka and with the help of a special crystal and sacred waters he uses the black stones to levitate and give flight to the waka which then disappears from sight. 

2. Deep inside the mountain an aged Teri Alamien is saying goodbye to her granddaughter as she prepares to leave the temple and enter into the world below. The girl is hesitant to leave being brought up with stories of the world outside and how evil the people are. After much reassurance from Teri and a gift of rosary beads and a ring the young girl agrees to her unknown fate. She is advised to let the rosary and ring guide her to her ultimate destiny. 

3. Back in 2050 we are at the moment the cave is opened and Gerhan has dispatched a retrieval team to apprehend the perpetrators. Here we are introduced to the main hero of the story Hau Manu whom is Teri Alamein’s granddaughter. Upon opening the cave Manu and her team are captured and detained. During the capture Manu is knocked unconscious and dreams of the moment as a young thirteen years of age when she left the temple and was delivered into the hands of the convent. This is the same convent Teri Manarak joined. 

4. Having contained the prisoners and secured the cave Gerhan orders an oversight report to be delayed while he tries to get ahead of the situation. We are introduced to the Manarak Quantum AI computer which confirms Hau Manu as a descendant of Teri Manarak and that she is a Nun from the same convent as Teri Manarak. Gerhan goes to inspect the cave and asks Manu to join him as he feels she has a right to know what it is she has found. To gain her trust Gerhan returns her Rosary beads and ring and proclaims her a hero for finding the unfindable. 

5. We flash back to Sister Teri Manarak and the day she graduated as a nun. Mother Francise calls her into her office and gives her a graduation present which triggers a strange horrifying drugged like sensation in Teri. It is revealed that Mother Francise had been keeping the Rosary and Ring hidden since her youth after she herself had graduated from an ancient Maaori Waananga. The Rosary and Ring were gifted by to her by Aniwaniwa. 

6. Back at the cave Gerhan is suddenly shot and killed and we meet Stephanie who created the Angel six program with Gerhan. Stephanie reveals a bit of history about the Angel Six project and we learn that Gerhan killed them all and that he was also the Great great grandfather of Manu making her related to the Angel six children. Just before Stephanie can complete the execution of Manu she herself is shot and killed and we meet Dr Paul. 

7. Dr Paul announces that he is now in charge of the secret facility they are in and Manu is trespassing. He elaborates more upon Angel six and we learn that the project was part of the O.R.A.N.G.E simulation and how Gerhan hijacked the program in an effort to find out who Manu was before she came to the facility and opened the cave. Apparently it was all going well until the six simulations were unexpectedly terminated causing Stephanie to betray Gerhan to Dr Paul and eventually kill Gerhan. Now under arrest for trespassing Manu is led from the cave and just as everyone leaves the bodies of Gerhan and Stephanie dematerialize into a red mist and two shadowy figures are discussing the danger of the game now being played. 

8. We now flash back to Teri Manarak and her nanny Haana talking about the rosary and ring she had just been gifted upon her graduation. Teri also reveals that she is pregnant but has not yet told the family nor the father about it. Teri is told that the Rosary and Ring are part of her destiny. During the conversation it is revealed that Alfred Manarak did not die and if Teri could but look into the shadow she will see he is very much alive. 

9. Returning to the secret mountain facility we join the companions of Manu whom accompanied her to the cave. The four companions hatch a plan to escape their cell and go to the rescue of Manu. They escape and eventually kill Dr Paul who has Manu with him. 

10. Now reunited Manu is intent of closing the cave door and they return to the entrance hiding just outside. Suddenly the group become spooked by something and Manu orders the team to leave and get off the mountain while she will remain and close the door. As three of her companions leave the scene they look back at their friends becoming engulfed in a strange red mist. 

11. We follow the three friends down the mountain to the chateau were they had parked their bikes. While doing reconnaissance on the chateau carpark the three are attacked and killed by a red mist. 

12. Retuning to 2050 we join U.N Special Forces Captain Charles Stratton whom is being briefed about the cave being opened upon the mountain. He is being sent to New Zealand from the M.P.Q.R.F inside an extinct volcano in the Hiva region of the pacific. We learn a bit of history about the M.P.Q.R.F facility which was original built by Alfred Manarak and Nemoy Pinkerston to create zero point energy devices which were powered by the black humming stones they had found in Kai Whero. We learn that both Alfred and Nemoy have no memory of where the exact cave entrance is and the need for more precious rocks has spurned a stealth search for the secret entrance which until now had never been found. Stratton is being sent there to confirm the event and to take charge of the facility and the Manarak AI computer in the name of the U.N. 

13. Having arrived in NZ Stratton is informed that the Manarak Computer has gone into self-defence mode which will destroy the mountain within a matter of hours. We learn more history about the AI Computer itself and how Alfred and Nemoy built it in 1920. We find out that through an accident Alfred and the computer become entangled at a quantum DNA level allowing the expansion of the project into eight bio hub stations worldwide with the parent hub O.R.A.N.G.E being the facility atop Kai Hau Mountain. 

14. Back at the cave entrance Manu and Jones are engulfed in the red mist and Jones is killed leaving Manu alone. Tripping and hitting her head a dazed Manu meets Aniwaniwa whom transports her into the heart of the mountain where she thinks she meets two other strangers but she passes out before she can do anything. 

15. We next find Manu in the back of a van being transported somewhere and when she regains consciousness she meets Teri and Alfred Manarak whom explain that since the rosary and ring have been lost they cannot close the cave door which will lead to the outside world laying claim to the mountain. Eventually they abandon Manu deep in the heart of a gang neighbourhood and we find Manu upon the doorstep of a familiar house from the past. 

16. Confused about events Manu gains entrance to the house where she eventually comes face to face with her mother for the first time. 

17. Captain Stratton is informed that they cannot gain access to the Bio Hub and that there are life forms within but it is not known if they are the 98 missing facility workers. It is also confirmed that the facility will self-destruct unless a DNA relative from Alfred can be found to interface with the computer and stand it down. Stratton has no choice but to lock the mountain down and invoke the U.N protocol which will mean the U.N shall control the country until the threat has been eliminated. 

18. Manu having just meet her mother is having a hard time of it all and eventually after been given the family tree she snaps and attacks her mother to no avail. Eventually the two find a peace between them. 

19. The news of the U.N take over reaches Manu and her family. We learn that they are part of the last line of defence and a reoccupation of the mountain is ordered. Manu agrees to help and preparations are made for the return to the mountain. 

20. During the drive to the mountain we learn that Tama Pinkerston (now a very old man) is somehow still alive. After arriving at the ancient Marae site Manu is visited by a vision of Alfred Manarak whom tells her how the ancient structures of the Marae were destroyed in the 2012-2020 land wars and how she must now take her rightful place and lead her people up the mountain. 

21. We now flash back to 2012 and the rise of the NZ Corporation and the land wars that followed from this rise. We learn that in 2020 a small band of rebels led by a young chief called Kai Rakau had managed to capture the Kai Hau Mountain Chateau forcing immediate peace between the Corporation and the people. We also learn that Kai Rakau is the father of Manu. 

22. In the Chateau carpark a standoff between the U.N and the land claimants ensues. At first all is peaceful between the groups until Stratton arrives. Following customary protocol the mother of Manu steps forward to give greeting to Stratton but being unfamiliar with Maaori custom she is ignored which forces her to continue approaching the soldiers until a proper response is given. Tensions escalate within both parties and the young soldiers misunderstanding what was actually happening open fire and kill the old girl. 

23. The killing of her mother drives Manu into a frenzied rage and she attacks the soldiers and eventually ends up fighting Stratton and besting him. During the attack Manu is knocked unconscious and when she comes too she finds herself and her companions under guard inside the chateau. Stratton approaches Manu and makes a deal with her for her peoples freedom if she will help talk to the Manarak AI and try get the self-destruct sequence halted. 

24. Manu has been taken and introduced to Manarak whom has apparently been waiting for her and Stratton. It is revealed the destruct sequence cannot be stopped but Manarak opens the Bio Crypt and frees the trapped workers. When the crypt is opened we learn that both Gerhan and Dr Blake are very much alive and insisting that Manu and Stratton must accompany them into the cave and return home to the heart of the mountain. 

25. At the cave entrance explanations are given as to the events that have unfolded. It turns out Gerhan and Dr Blake had been playing a subversive game trying to draw out the true intentions of Dr Paul and the humanoid robot known as R7. Just before the group enter the cave they are joined by Alfred with Teri Manarak and Aniwaniwa. Shortly after the group enter the cave tunnels the Manarak AI Computer self-destructs. 

26. We tune into a live news report which is reporting on the facility explosion which has triggered a Lahar. Secondary reports are coming in of a second explosion from within a sister mountain Te Kura Hau three kilometres away from Kai Hau mountain. The second explosion has caused the side of Te Kura Hau to collapse and reveal some kind of alien temple hidden within the mountains heart. 


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