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Book 1



1. The year is 2050 and a report is in the process of being compiled about the repatriation of six test subjects back into an institute of some kind. It appears the six subjects escaped from the institute and integrated back into civilian life sometime in the 1960’s. At some point four of the six subjects mysteriously commit suicide and we are introduced to them through means of an interview with the writer of the report immediately following their deaths. This is the first indication that all is not what it seems with these six subjects and their stories are explored throughout the entire saga. The remaining two subjects have a meeting to discuss the fates of their four friends and through the conversation we learn that the six may not have been human but some kind of humanoid with an expiry date. The chapter ends with that conversation and a corporate report being submitted about the successful repatriation of the six test subjects with a recommendation for the activation of a second phase in the experiment.

2. It is 1976 and Sister Teri Manarak is having a flashback to her childhood. She recalls the last time she caught a bus was with her Grandfather Alfred Manarak just before Christmas. Through conversation we learn there is something very dysfunctional about the Manarak family as Teri’s grandfather refuses to join the family for Christmas celebrations citing a past incident that still haunts them all.

3. Still in 1976 a local biker MC are celebrating their president’s birthday. We learn about another event twelve years prior which was a going away party for a MC member. We learn that Teri has some kind of connection with the twin brother of the MC President and that at this prior event something happened which triggered a double homicide committed by the president’s brother Alistar. One of the victims of that homicide was a step sister to Teri called Short Stop whom as it turns out was one of the six test subjects from the institute. It eventuates that the remaining two test subjects were murdered by Alistar for unknown reasons.

4. 1976. A short time after the MC party the president known as Tama is reading a death notice in a local newspaper about the murder of Teri Manarak and another woman. Even though the report states I was due to domestic violence Tama knows the truth about the event which involved Alistar. We also learn that Teri and the twins all grew up together in the same neighbourhood.

5. Tama and other MC members are talking about the homicide of Teri. We learn that she was pregnant with twins and Alistar was the father. Teri kept the pregnancy secret by leaving Alistar and joined a nunnery giving birth to the children then immediately adopting them out. Teri was going to tell Alistar about the kids and asked Tama to set up a meeting with Alistar but she also had another agenda which was to help a young woman she had just met get away from Alistar. During the meeting we find out the other woman was an informant for the police and had used Teri to lure Alistar out into the open so he could be apprehended for the double homicides he had committed earlier. The trap does not go to plan with Teri and the other woman being shot and eventually Alistar is gunned down by the police.

6. We now fast forward from 1976 to 1982 and meet Mrs Bergen Alamien-Manarak whom has just received a mysterious package which she refuses to open instead opting to throw it straight into the garbage bin. We then meet the two twin children of Teri Manarak called Teri and Emery as young adults struggling to cope with their alcoholic mother and no idea that they are actually her adopted children. Eventually the pair find the discarded package and come to realize they are adopted.

7. The package contained a letter from Alfred Manarak to his Granddaughter Teri. The letter was written just prior to Alfred going into surgery which is also why Teri never saw her grandfather again after that bus ride she had with him just before Christmas because Alfred dies in surgery. We learn that if anything happened to Alfred then his good friend Nemoy Pinkerston would keepsake a consignment of Alfred’s life work which was to be released to Teri when she was a certain age or any of her living descendants. There was also a swipe card and safety deposit box key accompanying the letter as well as a warning of the Pandora’s nature of the contents of the safety deposit box. Prior to the surgery Alfred handed the letter over to Nemoy and we learn that there is a deep mutual respect between the two old men.

8. As Alfred is lead away for surgery Nemoy has a flashback to his early teens. We learn that Alfred and he grew up together living on a mountainside with a local Maaori tribe. One day while the lads are out exploring Alfred reveals a secret that he has found a special hidden cave and we are introduced to Aratangata whom guides the lads into the cave. A bit of backstory about the two lads is revelled in the form of their fathers whom came to this land as private militia in a corporate land war with the local Maaori tribe. As it turns out both men deserted their duties and eventually marry sister wives of the very tribe they were sent to exterminate hence the origins of Alfred and Nemoy whom are first cousins and half cast.

9. We now return to the twins Teri and Emery who have gone to collect the safety deposit box and we enter just as Teri is about to open the box but pauses dwelling upon the Pandora warning given about the contents. Emery is far from happy about events and after a heated dialogue with his sister the box is opened and found to be empty which sends Emery into rage overdrive and the twins part company. Teri leaves the swipe card in the safety deposit box and leaves very emotional.

10. Teri is angrily on the phone with the lawyer whom gave access to the box when Emery enters the law firm and kills the lawyer and eventually himself. Teri whom is only a block or so away rushes to the office and witnesses the scene. Later Teri is on the phone to her mother Bergen explaining what has happened and during that conversation we learn that Emery is a killer just like his father.

11. The year is 1983 and Teri is at Bergen’s gravesite reading a letter left to her from her step mother. The letter briefly explains the family dynamics and who her real mother was. Bergen also gives a strong warning about digging into the family past but no real detail is given beyond that. Included with the letter is a greenstone rosary beads and ring. This is the point in the story where Teri transforms from a happy go lucky young woman into an angry leather wearing biker hell bent on getting to the bottom of the family mystery which now takes her on a new journey towards her mother’s home town.

12. 2050 and Gerhan Manarak is monitoring Teri in 1983 in real time as she sets out towards her mother’s home town. We learn that Gerhan is perplexed as to how the package was sent to Teri and her brother as it was never factored into some kind of simulated equation being worked upon to solve a problem in his time. Gerhan turns out to be Alfred’s son and his father did not trust his son with vital family secrets causing Gerhan to utilize Time Streaming Technology to investigate past matters which culminate in the finding and opening of a cave in his time causing ramifications for the Manarak Corporation and even Gerhan himself. He is forced to send another tracer element back in time to 1983 so as to intercept Teri and learn about the new anomaly.

13. 1983. In a small country town pub just outside of Teri’s final destination she pulls into the carpark for a comfort break. Before Teri can take her break she notices a group of men in the pub entrance seemingly assaulting a young female so she intervenes and rescues the girl immediately departing for her final destination with the girl on board.

14. Teri and her young friend also called Terry arrive at the convent that her mother belonged to. After freshening up Teri is involved in an incident with a local gang whom had turned up at the convent to get young Terry.

15. Teri has a strange bewildering confrontation with the old gang boss Tama whom against protestations from his men refuses to do anything towards Teri and departs in peace leaving his daughter Terry there at the convent.

16. We are now introduced to Mary Pinkerston whom is advising her mother in-law about the arrival of Teri and the incident at the convent with Tama. We also learn that Siin is alive and married to Tama and is the mother of Terry. The old girl is far from impressed with the news and orders Mary to fix the situation and make sure Teri never reaches her ancestral mountain.

17. Later that same day Teri arrives at the house of Tama to score some drugs which Terry had arranged for her earlier on in the day. This is the first time Teri meets Siin whom takes an instant dislike towards her proclaiming how much she looks like her mother and exactly how much she hated her mother which has not abated to this day. Tama eventually intervenes in the situation sending Siin away and inviting Teri to a drinking session with him which she accepts.

18. Having been kicked out of her own home Siin goes to the MC clubrooms where she meets with Mary whom orders her to take care of the problem called Teri. We also learn about the history between Siin and Teri Manarak and what exactly is driving her hatred towards young Teri Alamien.

19. While drinking with Tama Teri realizes she has been drugged and in fear attacks Tama whom then assaults and rapes her. After rapping her he leaves her alone in the bedroom and we find young Terry had been there all along watching and waiting for a chance to attack and kill Teri for putting her boyfriend in hospital as a result of the incident at the pub. Just as Terry is about to kill her Siin enters with shotgun drawn aiming to kill Teri herself but due to Tama attacking Siin from behind the gun goes off accidently killing Terry which sends Tama into a rage and he beats Siin to death in front of a distraught Teri. Tama then lets Teri leave stating his love for his brother and her mother is the only thing keeping her alive.

20. Back in the safety of the convent Teri meets an old Maaori lady whom is insisting Teri accompanies her to the funeral of Siin and Terry as it turns out they are all closely related to each other and after a crash course in family ties Teri agrees to go if only to learn more about her family.

21. Back in 2050 we learn some kind of issue with the monitoring program has been detected and a deception is now needed to cover up Gerhan’s off book activities. We also learn that a cave had been discovered and opened earlier in that day and that this event is what is triggering Gerhan’s need to utilize the time streaming technology to try and stop the event from ever happening. Now faced with the need to apprehend those whom found and opened the cave Gerhan puts a plan into motion to best the situation and avoid corporate oversight from discovering his actions.

22. Back in 1983 Teri is taken to an ancient Marae at the foot of a sacred mountain for the funeral of Siin and Terry. This does not go well with the Nannies fighting a supernatural fight between themselves which threatens the existence of all whom have descent from the ancient marae which in turn awakens the wrath of an ancient supernatural chief whom was living inside the mountain. The chief intervenes in the fight and in the process Tama is killed. The old chief then shares a vision with Teri about Nemoy and Alfred and the deeds they perpetrated inside the cave they found which resulted in the murder of Aratangata. Teri is then informed that she is with child and must now go and live with the chief inside the sacred mountain.


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