Teira Naahi

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ch 30

Above the altar of faith

Hung the child like ape

Fettered and chained

Branded insane

While down on the beach the sailors did speak

Of that time when the sea was their whore

But now a desert lays there 

Where the waves once had play

Even the fish grew legs

Came ashore for the day

And the young sisters knew

What their big sisters do

How they do do it so well

Meanwhile out in the yard

A snail called Sam 

Gave much thought to a plan 

That would make him the man

Behind the boredom of glass

And the amusement of three

Over the fence wild cabbages grew

And the breeze gently stirred

As the earth gave a sigh

While the book of truth

Finally came home with a smile

Then the ape and its man

Went for drinks with the queen

Madam your country 

Dyslexic unclean

In between lines of coke

We have promised them hope

But fear yea not great lady

Fore we also changed the drugs

Now when such words

Came down to only the lonely 

She thought about the ape and its man

How their voyage of grow me

Was just dog and lame pony

Freedom was a virtual affair 

The greatest burden was to care

The worst sin was to believe

Faith is why they killed us

Holding hope is why we returned

The ape and its man 

Sitting there hand in hand 

Watching us watching them:

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