Teira Naahi

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ch 28

Silently the silver stream

Slips beneath the willow tree

And i am real but all i see is dream

Where no one has the will to call

While flowers dance the pipers ball

In tune beneath the mantel of disguise

I shelter my eyes from the sun

Whispering words of love to come

How you are truth and you are all i see

The colours filter through our minds

We melt as one consumed with fire

In ecstasy divided under veil

Environmentally insane

The weather man he predicted rain

The end will come one day when we are not here

And no one told us who was born 

The saving grace hallowed dawn

Vagrant works of hope hung above the spire of faith

I am real but all I see is dream

Sunshine streaming through the window

Tracing forms of one i love

Immediately recognised as new

With all my friends so far away 

I wish to share some news today

A race was won but no one crossed the line

And no one rises for the dawn

And no one has kind words at all

And no one will aspire to bring me down

Into the crowd the echoes passed 

In fleeting glimpse with hand on heart

And you are brave and you are all i see

In times sometimes i think its truth

Confusion rules ambitions move 

You love to love but only for loves sake

I need to need but for your soul

I float upon wind and sail 

Into the brave new world you came following

What is this thing

Where is this place

Who did this

How be we here

Long be the night 

Wide be the day

Beautiful smile

Big way ahead

I want you 

You want me

Lead the way

My life my death

You frighten me most

When you say you love me

Your smile melts me

Your eyes read me

Your voice heals me

And I am dream but all i see is real:

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