Teira Naahi

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ch 21

There has been a great treason 

Unleashed upon the people 

Hands twisted from the grasping

Faces contorted with passion

The seeking and the wanting

An alignment of lust

Secret shadows

Secret rooms

Secret secrets 

Kept by the drunken baboon 

Still the people suffer

The bad men stole every thing from us

But an evil empire handed it all back

A new game called mess with their minds

Role models for the soon to be brave new world

How boring

Heard it all before

Words are not actions

Still the mountains crumble

Once were warriors

Once upon a time

Time upon a once

We once had trees

We once had a river

We even once had a mountain

Even more ironical

We once had food crops

We were once educated

We were once civil

Once upon a time we cared

Time upon a once we dared

Seek not to lay claim

For it inherently implies blame

Rather state the fact

Then live or die:

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