Teira Naahi

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ch 20

Do not seek to divorce yourself from the land

As you rape and plunder so shalt thoust receive

If your head is in the sand your arse is in the air

The fantasy life is pure fantasy

Reality is an illusion

Illusion is reality

Emotive living is transitive 

Time is relative

Space is relative

Being is relative

Concept relative concept

Two creates three

What if three creates two

Two creating one




Time folded

Bed time stories

The fake i

The plastic you

The self lost

I choose not to look in the box

I really do not care for the cat

In fact I am leaving the building

Free will is a gift not to waste

So now by your logic

Will you cease to exist

When I leave this place

What if I imagined aliens came 

And put you in the box and made the cat a god

Would that make me sane

Red pill 

Blue pill 

White pill 

Black pill

I just really wanted the whiskey jar full

Kindred spirits

Froth of ale

A flicker of ash from the barkeeper’s tale:

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