Teira Naahi

Monday, October 5, 2015

Ch 18

I walked one mile of willow groves

Searching words I have never known

I thought not much of love and truth

Nor for a world of colour beyond walls of grey

In fact I rather enjoyed the numb

A meaningless existence

With one finger up the arsehole of vanity

And another on the button of faith

Passed out drunk face first 

In the gutters of my own kingdom

The beggars whore giving it away for free

Yea and verily doth thoust rejoice 

Your tortured child long denied

I only wanted to come home

But what

Why did you lock the door

To teach me how to break and enter

But I did not do that for it implied I cared

And I simply just don’t

So I found me a bottle and drank you away

I was only 14 then but dead all the same

Now the light that saved me

Shone not from your door

No help from your cross daily adored 

It came from a flower

And that was strangest of all

An exchange for a gift

Which brought forth the new world

But I did not see 

Nor did I share

Like a vision of mist with the dawn disappeared 

Her cry I heard not

Not even her name

But I could feel her needs

Especially the pain

Gather me a rock

Gather me a rose

Grant to me a wisdom

Let the thing be known

Yes indeed willow tree

Let the thing be known

For indeed it is truth 

The willow tree knows 

What the devil won’t show:

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