Teira Naahi

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ch 16

From the long descent

We pause for rest

Three days relaxing

Before the main event

The time had come

For the fathers sons

To halter his journey

Raise the post of his love

Lay hold to the vine

Steady hands reach the shore

Strong vine

Vital vine

Vine ancient

Work hard my brothers

Hold fast with faith

He has love fore his children

And his wife he adores 

She is cold now

And will get colder still

Daughters raise up your voice

Bring even the angels long to weep

Let them whisper to our father 

How we have missed his speech

Tell your sisters in the north

How their brothers in the south

Have prepared his kingdom well

Preserved his ancient lore of house

Heave away

Haul away

Turn the wheel of change

Ascend to that star on high

Fix the path 

Name the house

Shift the stone forward:

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